November Programs and Speakers
*All programs begin at Noon* 

1 Jackpot Game – Tosha Sanders, AmeriCare

2 Bingo with Portland Place

6 “Battle of the Sexes” game with Tom

7 “Ugly Animals” – Erie MetroParks

9 Honoring Our Veterans – Sherri Bourne, Stein Hospice

13 “WWI Soldiers in Oakland Cemetery” – Sandusky Library

14 Trivia with Commons of Providence

15 Thanksgiving Dinner - Music with Greg McDonald

16 Bingo with Concord Care

20 Games with Admiral’s Pointe

21 “That’s It” game with Jane Ann

22 Closed

23 Closed

27 Trivia with Providence Care Center

28 Birthday Bingo

29 “Holiday Eating” – Donna Green, OSU ext.

30 “Holiday Smart Energy Living” – Amy C., Consumer Energy

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