August Programs and Speakers
*All programs begin at Noon* 

2 “Battle of the Sexes” with Tom

3 “Jack Pot” game

4 Closed

9 Music with Denny R. – 50’s, 60’s, Motown

10 “That’s It!” Game

12 Monte Carlo Games

16 Games with Admiral’s Pointe

17 “All about Medical Marijuana” – Hope Seavers, The Forest

18 Bingo with Concord Care

19 Low Vision Technology - The Sight Center of NW Ohio

23 Trivia with Providence Commons

24 Hot Fudge Sundae Day

25 “National Carousel Day” – Merry-go-Round Museum

26 “Warning Signs of Alzheimers” – Dakota Stone

30 Cheesecake making

31 Birthday Bingo

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